Globetrotting Dancers Showcasing Cultural Traditions

World Dance Showcase

Dancers of all ages and levels travel to New Jersey in hopes of being crowned the world champion. The event is run by professional dancers and teachers and is highly ranked in the industry.

Participants will compete in a qualifying round to move on to the next round, called duels. The dancers with the highest overall performance scores will be eligible to duel against each other.

The World Dance Pageant

Join us for a mesmerizing display of cultural dances from around the world! You’ll feel like you’re traveling the globe from your seat at the Publick Playhouse as professional troupes showcase dances that embody the spirit of their traditions.

After the qualifiers, all contestants are given the opportunity to perform a 2-minute routine in front of the judges and audience. The emcee will then announce the top five in each age division, and the finalists will prepare for a solo performance onstage.

Before the judging, all participants will take five audition classes, during which they’ll be evaluated for their confidence, ability to memorize choreography, and natural-sounding introductions. Typically, these classes are offered in the breakout rooms toward the entrance of the Expo Center.

The World Dance Championship

The World Dance Championship is a global competition that features some of the world’s best dance crews. The show showcases a variety of street dance styles such as breaking, popping, locking, and hip-hop. The championships are televised around the world and attract millions of viewers each year.

To qualify for the championships, dancers must compete in local and regional events and achieve a certain level of excellence. Each country has its own qualifying process, so it is important to check with your local dance federation or organization for more information.

Dancers who receive a “Golden Ticket” invitation from Star Dance Alliance are eligible to compete in the World Dance Championships. This event is typically held at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ. The competition features only group routines (no solos, duos, or trios). The judging criteria for the championships includes originality, technical difficulty, and artistic choices. The judges also consider how well the dancers use their bodies to convey their emotions and create a compelling story.

The World Dance Digital Lab

Dancers filmed in studios and on location are streaming into people’s homes, but new work is starting to make moves away from the screen – think Jonzi D’s spooky Our Bodies Back, the Dutch National Ballet in eerily empty streets of Amsterdam or Alonzo King dancing deep in Californian nature. Dancers have started to play with camera lens and editing, adding closeups and framings that wouldn’t be possible in a theatre and experimenting with ways to wrap their performances in history, interviews and other content.

The digital world of the future is a complex one. It can bring people together in ways that may not be possible in the real world, but it also brings new challenges for dance. This is why the Kennedy Center Dance Lab works with its artists to ensure that they’re prepared for this next chapter in dance. The lab offers critical career tools and impactful experiences to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of the industry.

The World Dance Festival

Dancers from around the world will gather to celebrate their love for the art form. This annual event offers a variety of performances, workshops, and parties. It is also a great place for dancers to network and meet like-minded people.

Dance festival organizers seek to promote the art of dance while celebrating cultural diversity. They bring together dancers from all over the world and host an international competition. They also host master classes and workshops.

Vibrant traditional, cultural dances from across the globe will transport audiences from the Publick Playhouse stage to far-flung destinations. From Odissi East Indian classical dance to Egyptian bellydance, Spanish flamenco, and more, this year’s program features a panoply of global traditions.

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