The Mischievous and Troublesome Toto

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Moments Chapter 2 – The Adventures of Toto

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 2 – The Adventures of Toto have been carefully prepared by experts and are easy to understand. They will help students to get a clear understanding of the chapters and score well in exams.

Toto believes that relationships are the most important element of leadership. He seeks to connect with his team and learn what motivates and inspires them. 토토솔루션

1. The Adventures of Toto

Toto was a mischievous monkey. He made holes in dresses and curtains and broke dishes. He even scared the ticket collector. He was not the kind of pet that the author’s family could keep for long.

One day grandfather saw Toto with a tonga-driver who was keeping him tied to a feeding-trough. Grandfather bought him for five rupees. He kept Toto in his private zoo.

Toto loved taking baths. He would cunningly test the temperature of the water by dipping his hand in it. Then he would slowly step into the tub, first one foot then the other, until he was fully immersed. He would then sit in the water and rub soap all over his body. He almost boiled himself alive once, though.

2. The Story of Toto

When grandfather had to take a train journey he took Toto along with him. He kept him in a bag and when the ticket collector came Toto poked his head out of the bag. He then scared the ticket collector. The ticket collector referred to him as a dog and asked grandfather to buy a ticket for him.

The narrator’s grandfather had always loved animals. He saw Toto accompanying the tonga driver one day and bought him right away. He brought him home and placed him in his private zoo.

Toto was very naughty and troubled everyone. He used to tear dresses and curtains, and break dishes. He also liked to take bath in hot water and almost boiled himself. He did this again and again.

3. Characters of Toto

Toto is a mischievous monkey who loves to play and spoil things. He is also curious by nature and often lands himself into trouble. For example, he once hopped into a kettle when it was on fire to boil water and almost got himself boiled alive.

The narrator’s grandfather loved animals and had a mini zoo at home. He had a tortoise, rabbits and a tame squirrel but no monkey. However, Toto looked out of place among the other animals and seemed very different from them.

Toto was pretty to look at and had bright eyes that sparkled with mischief. He had a tail that added to his beauty and helped him swing from tree to tree. He was playful and restless and never stayed under cover for long.

4. The Nuisances of Toto

As a pet, Toto was a nuisance. He destroyed wallpapers, clothes and curtains, and broke dishes too. He even jumped into a kettle of boiling water and almost got himself boiled. The writer’s grandmother did not like animals and thus could not tolerate him.

Toto loved to take baths. He would cunningly test the temperature of the water and then gradually step into it – first one foot, then the other – until he was in the water up to his neck. He also learned to take a shower by first testing the temperature of the water and then slowly stepping into it.

One day, the writer’s grandfather purchased Toto from a tonga owner for five rupees. He wanted to add him to his private zoo at home.

5. Conclusions of The Adventures of Toto

The story begins with grandfather buying Toto from a tonga driver. He was a mischievous monkey who kept destroying things in the house. He tore wallpapers, ripped clothes, spoiled the curtains and broke dishes. The family realized that Toto was not the sort of pet they could keep for long.

Toto liked to take a warm water bath during winter. He cautiously dipped his hand in the water to test its warmth, then put one foot in front of the other till it was submerged upto its neck. He also learned to soap himself.

Grandfather was a very wise man who understood what Toto was up to and realised that the best way to deal with it was to put him in the stable along with Nana, the family donkey. On the first night in the stable, Grandfather paid a visit to see how Toto was doing.

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